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We are across the street from Seattle Children's Hospital. Children's is the major regional treatment center for serious childhood illness for a big chunk of the Pacific Northwest. Not long after opening, we saw people coming in with "caregiver" nametags and realized that parents of children staying at the hospital were heading over for a break from the hospital. They're going through an incredibly stressful time, sometimes they just need to go somewhere they can be normal for a bit, somewhere they can talk through hard decisions, somewhere to decompress with new friends they've made, who are going through the same thing.

Pints for Parents

Part of our motivation for opening a brewery was to have a place in our neighborhood for people in the community to come together, to meet up in what's called the Third Place. Parents at the hospital are guests in our community - they are staying here while their child is under treatment. Their lives are turned upside down - they're often in a new city, they don't know anyone except the doctors and nurses, they're sometimes under financial stress, and they have to be strong for everyone - there's no normal for them.

We thought, how can we connect these parents with the wider community, to welcome them in, in a place where they'd honestly rather not be, but to make their stay here a little bit less stressful. 


So, we came up with the idea of letting neighbors buy them a pint. They pay most of the cost, we chip in the rest, and they get to put a little heart magnet up on our cold room door.


Now, when a Children's parent comes in, they can claim a heart and know their community bought them a pint. It's just a pint of beer, but also - it's so much more.

If you come in, you can buy the heart magnet and put it on the wall yourself, but if you do it online, no worries - we'll take care of everything.


Thank you! The parents are deeply grateful, and we are grateful as well, for allowing us to be part of the community connection.

Buy 'em a pint here

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