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We have two clubs you can join:
our mug club, The Worshipful Company of Beer Drinkers
our four pack subscription, Burke @ Home

The Worshipful Company of Beer Drinkers

When we talked about opening a brewery, one of the things we wanted was to pour our beer in Nonic glasses. They feel better in the hand than regular shaker style pints, and are lighter and stronger to boot! We were able to find 16oz nonics and have been using those since we opened.

But, we’ve always admired proper Imperial Pints. They hold 20oz, they’re rounder, they're fuller, and just feel more… well, more right. We tried to ignore the difference, but it gnawed at us. True beer lovers deserve more.

So, we created The Worshipful Company of Beer Drinkers. Join the club, and whenever you come in and order a pint, we’ll serve it in an imperial pint glass - that’s 4 extra oz of delicious BGBC beer for the same price.

There will be some other fun benefits, like this fancy membership card for you to impress your friends with (you could try to use it to get a discount elsewhere - let us know if that works!), a discount on growler fills, a discount on merchandise, early access to bottle sales, maybe some beer tastings, and probably a bunch of other fun things we’ll think up. Ask your bartender when you come in, and we’ll get you set up.

This is $80 for 2022, and is good through March of 2023. Ask your bartender, they'll hook you up.


subscribe here

This is a 4 pack subscription service. For $24/mo, we will put together a four pack of 16oz cans for you - this will be a fun selection from our diverse taplist. We will curate a good mix, and send you home with interesting details and tasting notes. We even plan to do a few beers special for the clubs, so this will be your chance to bring them home!

In addition, everyone with an active B@H subscription will be automatically part of the Worshipful Company, so you can enjoy an imperial pint when you come in to pick up your monthly drop.  


You will get a monthly receipt from our payment system, and you can cancel at any time. We will communicate pick up dates each month, and if you can't make it in that day, of course we'll hold on to your four pack for you.

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