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Update: we have found another brewer! We will post an announcement soon. 


Hey, folks - we need another brewer!

Our head brewer Phil just won alpha king and a GABF gold, and despite being a literal superman he could sure use some help keeping up with customer demand.

We are looking for a full time brewer/cellarperson/jill-or-jack-of-all-trades. We have all kinds of work to do, ranging from recipe development to research, brewing to cellaring tasks: filling and emptying barrels, filling bottles and cans, cleaning, running tasting panels, training staff on basic cellaring tasks…. well, just about everything you can do around a brewery, we need more of. We need your help researching recipes and adapting them to our system. We very much want to brew your beer. 


As a member of our team, you will gain experience with every aspect of brewery operations, including brewing, cellaring, packaging, recipe development, inventory management, running tasting panels, and assembling orders of raw ingredients and chemicals. 

We are looking for someone with at least a few years of brewery experience who wants to learn and grow in an environment where we value science and research, where we want to write every little thing down, where we try to continually improve. We read constantly to learn what we can from other brewers and from brewing history. We try beer and we talk about beer. We have opinions about beer and beer culture and we want to hear yours!

We work as a team and we respect each other. We can also work independently. We value communication. While not requirements, a science background and/or formal brewing training wouldn’t hurt.

All the normal stuff applies: it’s a brewery, there is hard physical labor to do (lifting malt bags, moving full kegs around, hauling brew hoses, there are chemicals you have to be safe around, and so on.) But we always try to use a machine instead of our backs, if we can think of a way.

We are offering $24/hr full time to start, a health care stipend, a retirement savings match, 3 weeks paid vacation, and a welcoming inclusive environment. Come join our team!

Reach out to to learn more.

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