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Announcing the hiring of Julia Astrid Davis as Brewer

Seattle, WA: after surviving the difficult business environment that

2020 presented, Burke-Gilman Brewing decided to make a bet on their neighborhood clientele, their growing ability to supply local accounts, and the need to keep these award winning beers in stock, while still maintaining diversity in their taplist.

“Winning all those awards last fall was great, but some anticipated down time for our head brewer didn’t really happen this winter. Demand for our beers, both here and in local bottleshops, has held up. So, we decided to hire another brewer, both to help us keep our supply channels stocked, and to bring in a different perspective.” says Kenneth Trease, Co-Founder of Burke-Gilman Brewing Company. “We all like different things, and having another voice in the discussion about what to make next is invaluable. So, we were looking to complement our head brewer’s interests and focus, by hiring someone with a different perspective. Also, this way, Phil gets to take a vacation one of these days.”

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Julia Astrid Davis in the role of Brewer. Julia brings a huge range of experience to the role. Since graduating from the Siebel Institute in 2010, Julia's professional brewing experience has taken her everywhere from northern Denmark to her hometown of

Chicago, from small brewpubs to massive production breweries.

The way beer combines science, art and history continues to drive her passion for brewing, and when she moved to the Seattle area, BGBC struck her as the best place to explore this to the fullest. Outside of the brewhouse, she can frequently be found tinkering with music production or reading science fiction novels.

Julia has been learning the ropes in our brewhouse since she came on in early January, and already has several beers in our production schedule of her own design. We couldn't be more excited to have her as part of the team. Welcome, Julia!

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